The Challenge

  • Encryption
  • When a storage device holding business data is lost, what happens if it ends up in the wrong hands? Unless it’s secure, accessing files can be very easy. Most portable storage devices do not protect your data. Some have software encryption but this is not as strong or reliable as hardware encryption (and should not be trusted?).

  • Network Access
  • Data security policies that control access to networks and valuable data files require secure storage devices to meet certain standards before accessing the corporate network. Access is therefore an issue of trust, and trust can be relied upon when security is paramount in the design of the product.

  • Always Available
  • 24/7 access to a reliable and secure data connection isn’t always possible. Your offline workers, business travellers and remote workers can’t always access corporate networks connected into data centres and cloud computing services. Your people therefore need to rely on the benefits from secure and portable local storage.

portable storage devices
portable storage devices

The Solution

Implementing a strong policy for portable secure storage devices is much easier than you may think. All our products will help organisations to be operational in a very short amount of time.

Portable secure storage devices are not going away, and the market for hardware encrypted and smart devices is growing at a phenomenal rate. All our secure storage products remain portable and are hardware encrypted with security central to the design of each device providing secure storage local storage.

Low-cost options like SafeToGo are plug and play, and solutions such as the Thin-C Vault require minimum set-up. Lokly can even be controlled and maintained by your smartphone.

Within the range of secure storage devices from Secure Drives there will be a product that meets your data security needs. So if you have people that need to access data on the move or when working from home, and are unable to connect to a secure and reliable connection our devices can ensure data security for your organisation, whatever your budget.

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