With an ever increasing emphasis on secure & authorised access to data from anywhere, the traditional password-based authentication model is being challenged. The risks of data breaches and cyber security challenges are forcing companies to rethink their IT management strategies, and passwordless user authentication is becoming the go to solution.

Why Passwordless?

The use of passwords is the most widely used authentication method. Managing access to devices and applications, allows us to maintain the integrity of our confidential and private data. In today’s world however, where we’re all being increasingly challenged by cyber attacks and we’re being required to use more accounts than ever.

Did you know?
  • 2.3 billion passwords were stolen in 2017
  • 51% of passwords are reused
  • 2018 saw a 36% increase in phishing attacks

Going passwordless significantly reduces the risks presented by the increased reliance on passwords and our inability to securely manage how we use them.

Use Cases for Passwordless Authentication

Helping You Find The Right Passwordless Solution

Innovations in biometric and smart technology have brought about an increasingly accessible range of products, with different solutions depending on your requirements. So whether you’re an Windows Azure AD client or running local machines, we can help you find the right passwordless solution. 

We have access to a unique range of technology solutions from some of the world’s best innovators and security experts offering uncompromisable security key and authentication products .

Ensurity’s ThinC-AUTH is Microsoft approved for Windows 10 and Azure AD while also supporting OATH-HOTP/TOTP protocols for extended use cases. It’s WebAuthn compatibility provides further passwordless access to most major online services across the major web browsers, all through a single security key.

The GateKeeper solution offers automated proximity based password-free access to multiple device with additional PIN-based 2FA for extra security. It’s integrated password manager is a single store for passwords across devices and auto-generates one time passwords (OTP), delivering instant 2FA without the need for additional devices.


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We’ll help you take your business to a world beyond passwords with our range of security keys and authentication devices. Explore our featured products and get in touch to talk about going passwordless.

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