We’re delighted to announce that recruitment for new channel partners for our user authentication and secure storage products is now open. We have a portfolio of advanced security products sourced from specialists around the world and are keen to develop a network of partners across the UK and continental Europe.

The pandemic has accelerated an already growing interest in passwordless login and remote authentication, and we’re able to offer potential channel partners a ready-made business opportunity.

“The products we offer are easy to use, but require a consultative, technology led approach,” Paul Norbury, Founder & CEO explains. “We’ll consider any organisation with the right skills but prefer to work with smaller companies who are close to their customers. Our products fit the ‘solution-sell’ concept, so we want to train and support people who recognise they can add value to the sale, rather than simply offer their customers a commodity.”

New partners will be offered the company’s complete product range, which includes biometric and proximity-based security keys and authentication products as well as secure storage. They will be provided with full training, including access to the technical experts who developed the products, as well as supporting materials, demo products and samples.

We believe potential partners will benefit from our global footprint as well as our innovative product range, which was developed before user authentication became “the next big thing”.

You will be supported by an in-house sales team experienced with a partnership approach, meaning  we know what you’ll need to grow sales.

In terms of why you should consider this programme Paul outlines the main reason “The number one reason people should work with us is that the world is going passwordless and expecting stronger security around the use and distribution of data, so they will be tapping into a massive business opportunity.

“Companies may currently see data security as an IT responsibility, but it won’t be too long before it becomes the responsibility of the Board and senior executives. In other words, it will soon be something that every organisation needs to address at the highest level.”

For more information about how to join our Partner Programme, contact us today online, by email or call us on +44 (0) 1380 738 395