Are your employees the weakest link when it comes to your data security?

Data security has always been a hot topic, but things got even hotter last year thanks to the GDPR. Despite new legislation and hefty fines, breaches continue to be a daily occurrence. Businesses invest significant time and money implementing sophisticated security measures, but sometimes it’s basic human error that can result in a costly breach.

We all know the importance of creating and protecting complex passwords, but with the average person needing to remember around 20 account passwords per day, it’s no surprise that corners get cut and mistakes are made.

Passwords get written down, shared, simplified. Workstations get left unlocked when someone just ‘nips’ to the photocopier to grab something, only to be abducted into an impromptu meeting. Our intentions are good, and we don’t mean to put valuable company information at risk, but it happens and the ramifications of a data breach go beyond a monetary fine. Business disruption, reputational damage, staff and customer churn…

Break free from insecure practices and move beyond passwords with GateKeeper Enterprise

GateKeeper Enterprise brings security and convenience to employees by using wireless keys to simplify the login process, remove the need to remember complex passwords, and enable access to computers and websites based on their physical presence.

Furthermore, the GateKeeper Enterprise wireless authentication system allows organisations to enhance workflow and achieve higher levels of security without inconveniencing the user.

From 5 workstations to 5,000, GateKeeper Enterprise provides pain-free, centralised management of every person, password, and computer on your network.

Features and benefits of GateKeeper Enterprise

We’ve all experienced the frustration of needing to quickly access a document or some data, only to be scuppered by a bout of ‘fat-finger’ syndrome or an inability to remember a password that you’ve entered a million times already. And if you’re really unlucky after numerous failed password attempts, you’ll be locked out of the system and end up in a queue waiting for assistance from IT support. With GateKeeper Enterprise your workstation automatically unlocks as you approach, and locks again as you move out of range.

All GateKeeper Enterprise users can be managed via the Enterprise Hub, through which security policies can be deployed, access rights managed, and usage tracked and audited.

Gatekeeper Enterprise Interesting Facts:

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