Frequently Asked Questions

Encrypted USB Storage with Biometric Authentication

Despite being easy to use, the ThinC-AUTH is a complex security token that adds two additional layers of security to your login. With the complex fingerprint sensor, ThinC-AUTH offers even more protection in the form of built-in biometric security.

Without the user biometric authentication, can ThinC-AUTH be used to access accounts?
How many fingerprints can be registered onto the device?
If the user loses the device, how can the user authenticate to FIDO enabled services?
Can the user take backup of the FIDO credentials from ThinC-Manager?
Is there any limit on the number of websites/services that you can use with the ThinC-AUTH device?
What is the use of password?
Is the tool required during the authentication to website/FIDO services?
What platforms do ThinC devices work on?

Fingerprint Authentication

Strong biometric technology makes ThinC-AUTH Security Key one of the most secure hardware tokens. The biometric module prevents any misuses of the Key from unauthorised users other than the valid user.

Single Key - Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication to Windows 10 systems (connected to Azure AD); multiple PC platforms; and multiple FIDO2 enabled web applications.

Configurable Security Key

With a biometric touch-to-authenticate, the multi protocol ThinC-AUTH protects access to computers, online services, and networks.

Strong Security Framework

The core functionalities of the embedded security chip of ThinC-AUTH is to encrypt, store and validate your fingerprint templates. Once enrolled, it is impossible for someone to reverse engineer your fingerprint data from the protected storage.

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