GateKeeper - Halberd

Frequently Asked Questions

Hands-Free wireless key for computers & websites

Halberd provides seamless access to all your computers and websites. While securing your workstations, the GateKeeper - Halberd will eliminate the risk of internal threats and data breaches and not interrupt your work flow.

How does GateKeeper Halberd work?
Will GateKeeper Halberd work with the Bluetooth on a PC/laptop/tablet?
Why isn’t my Halberd wireless key being detected?
Why does my device keep locking unexpectedly?
How long will the battery in my GateKeeper Halberd last?
How will I know when the battery needs replacing?
How do I replace the battery in my GateKeeper Halberd?
Where can I download the latest GateKeeper client software from?
What is the GateKeeper Chrome extension?
Is the GateKeeper Client desktop application required to communicate with Halberd/Trident?
What are the dimensions and weight of the GateKeeper Halberd?

Proximity-Based Lock & Unlock Functionality

Separate Hardware Key, Independent of Phone / Internet

Does Not Require Physical Contact with Computer 

Automated Hands-Free Lock and Unlock