SafeToGo® Solo

Frequently Asked Questions

Hardware encrypted USB 3.1 flash drive

Protect your sensitive data on the move with our hardware encrypted flash drive. SafeToGo® Solo is cost-effective, easy to use solution for keeping sensitive data secure on the move. An AES 256-bit XTS hardware encrypted USB3.1 flash drive which protects information stored on the device from unauthorised access.

What is SafeToGo® Solo?
What's the difference between software and hardware encryption?
How does the hardware encryption work on SafeToGo® Solo?
What is the difference between SafeToGo® Solo and other hardware encrypted flash drives?
Do I need additional software to use SafeToGo® Solo?
What is the password strength?
What if I forget my password?
What does the timer lockdown feature mean?
Is SafeToGo® Solo compatible with Linux?
My USB doesn’t autorun when I plug it in, why is this and how do I run it?

Automatic Hardware Encryption

SafeToGo® Solo provides full hardware encryption of all data, featuring a single on-board security chip that can’t be bypassed and encrypts all data with AES-256 bit encryption.

User-Friendly Setup

The encryption is totally transparent, and no software installation nor administrative privileges are needed.

Timer Lockdown

In case SafeToGo® Solo is left unattended in a computer, a unique timer will automatically lock it after a customisable number of minutes (currently up to 10 minutes).

Unique Randomly Generated Key

Encryption keys are randomly generated on-board (using ANSI X9.31 RNG) at user setup, leaving no back door.

Cardwave provides the key resources needed, to protect your information.