Organisations need solutions to ensure their data is secure wherever it is stored. Especially when it is being held on portable storage devices.
With remote working and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) now part of our digital worlds, and cloud services being very popular, many organisations need data to be maintained on a local level. Securing it is vital.

Why Encrypting USBs Matters

Despite a drive to eliminate the use of USBs by many data conscious companies, it has proved difficult to totally eradicate their use by individual employees.

That’s why it’s important to provide secure alternatives that ensure data that is stored on portable devices is protected.

In recent years, the ICO in the UK have levied fines on companies for data breaches as a result of lost USB drives. 

Did you know about these fines?
  • Heathrow were fined £120,000 in 2018 – 1,000 files
  • Royal & Sun Alliance were fined £150,000 in 2017 – 60,000 customers
  • Greater Manchester Police fined £120,000 in 2012 – 1,000 witnesses

Providing encrypted USBs for your workforce significantly reduces the risks presented by portable storage devices and our relationship with them.

Use Cases for Encypted USBs for Secure Portable Storage

Helping You Find The Right Encrypted USB Solution

Implementing a strong policy for portable secure storage devices is much easier than you may think. All our secure storage products remain portable and are hardware encrypted with security central to the design of each device providing secure local storage.

Portable secure storage devices are not going away, and the market for hardware encrypted and managed devices is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Low-cost options like SafeToGo are plug and play, and solutions such as the Thin-C Vault require minimum set-up. Lokly can even be controlled and maintained by your smartphone.

Within the range of secure storage devices from SecureDrives there will be a product that meets your data security needs. So if you have people that need to access data on the move or when working from home, and are unable to connect to a secure and reliable connection our devices can ensure data security for your organisation, whatever your budget.

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Available Features For Encrypted USB Solutions

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We’ll help you ensure your business minimises the risk of data breaches from portable storage with our range of encrypted secure storage devices. Explore our featured products and get in touch to talk about your requirements.

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