You’ve just nipped to the printer across the other side of the office to pick something up, when Sally from Accounts intercepts you and starts asking questions about an invoice. Her query turns out to be quite complex and so you offer to go to her desk to go through the relevant documents on screen.

10 minutes later with Sally’s query resolved, you finally make it to the printer only to find your document isn’t there. You return to your desk feeling a tad frustrated and realise that your PC has been unlocked the whole time you’ve been away from your desk – DOH!

The temptation of an unlocked PC

You see Paul is away from his desk and has left his PC unlocked, what do you do?

a) Head over to his desk and have a bit of fun…

  • Hit ‘Alt Gr’ and the arrow keys to spin Paul’s screen 180 degrees.
  • Send a quick email to the whole company (on Paul’s behalf) offering to buy lunch for the first 10 people to reply.
  • Take a screen grab of Paul’s home screen, save it as his wallpaper, and confuse poor Paul who won’t be able to click on any files/apps when he returns.

b) Do the right thing and Hit CTRL+ALT+DEL and lock Paul’s PC for him.

c) Nothing – Paul probably hasn’t gone far.

d) Something else.

‘Something else’… like what?

An unattended computer is an opportunity to access, download, share data that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. For some this might be a seemingly innocent peek at your HR record to see what end-of-year bonus you’re getting, but for others it’s the chance to cause major business disruption and perhaps make some serious money.

In the wrong hands data is power and criminals will pay top whack for the right information.

Little error, BIG mistake

Following the enforcement of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) last May, and Data Protection Act 2018, organisations now face fines of up to 4% of their global annual turnover or €20 million (whichever is greater) in the event of a data breach involving the data of an EU citizen. The true cost of a data breach goes beyond a monetary fine though – business disruption, reputational damage, customer churn, employee churn… all of which will impact massively on the long-term success of an organisation.

Problem In Chair, Not In Computer

Thanks to technology data security has become extremely complex, and protecting data from unauthorised access can require major investment of time and money. Whilst businesses have been busy investing vast amounts of money in high-tech information security products, they may have overlooked the issue of human error/mistakes – the ‘PICNIC’ situation ‘Problem In Chair, Not In Computer’.

So how do you eliminate the issue of unlocked PCs?

Staff training is a very important step in bolstering internal security but remember we are ‘only human’. You could mandate the need to lock a PC and penalise non-compliance, pretty time consuming to enforce.

Wouldn’t it be great if your PC automatically locked when you left your desk? And even better if it then unlocked again as soon as you sat back down? Just imagine…

  • No more having to hit CTRL+ALT+DEL.
  • No more trying to remember complex passwords.
  • No more cursing every time you have a ‘fat-finger’ moment and hit the wrong key when trying to enter your complex 10+ digit password.

Imagine no more!

Invest in a robust access management solution like GateKeeper Enterprise and make unlocked PCs and the risk of unauthorised access a thing of the past.

GateKeeper Enterprise for organisations

GateKeeper Enterprise brings security and convenience to employees by using wireless keys to simplify the login process, remove the need to remember complex passwords, and enable access to computers and websites based on their physical presence.

Furthermore, the GateKeeper Enterprise wireless authentication system allows organisations to enhance workflow and achieve higher levels of security without inconveniencing the user.

From 5 workstations to 5,000, GateKeeper Enterprise provides pain-free, centralised management of every person, password, and computer on your network.

GateKeeper Halberd for individuals (and SMEs)

For smaller organisations and ‘one-man-bands’ who enjoy the freedom/flexibility of remote working or perhaps share office space with others, there’s GateKeeper Halberd. A wireless key which provides a hassle-free login experience by eliminating the need to type passwords, without compromising convenience, productivity or security.